Chinese New Year

Hello! Kamu tau gak kalo ternyata Chinese New Year itu baru dijadikan hari libur resmi di Indonesia di tahun 2002? Walaupun baru resmin di tahun 2002 di Indonesia, namun tradisi ini sebenernya udah ada lama banget dan dirayakan di banyak negara loh.
Although it is well-known as Chinese New Year, in fact it is not only celebrated in China. Chinese New Year is also celebrated in some countries which have significant Chinese population. The New Year celebration usually starts in the evening one day before. Family will visit the oldest family member and have dinner together. The New Year’s Eve dinner is called a reunion dinner with big family from several generations gather. The menu? The food served will be varied. It depends on the culture which affects the celebration. However in Indonesia, usually we can find oranges and Chinese New Year’s cake (or more familiar to us as kue keranjang) as a must-snack-and-fruit in this joyful celebration.
One thing for sure, we know that Chinese New Year is celebrated in red. However, do we know why? According to the myth, a long time ago there was a mythical beast called the Nian. Nian would eat the villagers and to prevent it to happen, villagers would put some food in front of their doors as offerings at the beginning of the year. They believed that the after eating the food, Nian would not disturb them. One day, one villager wanted to take revenge to Nian. Then a God came to this villager and told him to decorate his house with red paper and firecrackers. They learnt that Nian was afraid of red color. Since than, the villagers celebrated the beginning of the year by using the color red. They wore red clothes, hung red lantern, decorated the house with red paper, and used firecrackers to frightened Nian away.

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