Valentine's Day Celebration

Almost all people in the world celebrate Valentine’s Day. There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In United States of America, people usually send greeting cards and bouquet of flowers. Some people send chocolate or bake cake as Valentine’s gift. Couples enjoy their romantic night and candle light dinner. Some people in Indonesia also do similar things, right? We share romantic quotes, send personal and sweet messages, send flowers or chocolate as Valentine’s gift.

In Japan, they celebrate Valentine’s Day a bit differently. Usually the women who give chocolate to men in Valentine’s Day. It is not necessarily about love or romantic relationship. It could be just to show some respect to colleague or represent friendship. In fact, there are different types of chocolate depending on the intention. First, there is giri-choko (literally translated as “obligation chocolate”) which is chocolate for your colleagues or co-workers; it is a type of chocolate that is given as a form of obligation just because it is Valentine’s Day. And there is tomo-choko (tomo means friend) that is given to friends. Last, there is a honmei-choko (literally translated as "true feeling chocolate"); this chocolate is given to a loved one. It is uncommon for the men to do so. A month later, on March 14--in a day called White Day in Japan’s tradition--the men return the favor by giving gift to the women who give chocolate to them in Valentine’s Day.


In South Korea, the celebration of Valentine’s Day is a bit similar to the ones in Japan. On Valentine’s Day, the women give chocolate to men and the men who had received chocolate repay the gifts on White Day. Usually the men give some candies on White Day. What makes this celebration more unique is the continuity. On April 14th or Black Day, single women and men who were not able to celebrate Valentine’s Day and White Day express their sorrow on that day. They wear black-themed clothing and eat black-colored food, such as jajangmyeon (black-bean noodle).

There is also a unique celebration of Valentine’s Day in the Philippines. Besides celebrating by sending flowers and having romantic night, hundreds of couples in the Philippines tie the knot in mass wedding ceremonies as an early Valentine’s celebration. Last year, on February 11th 2015, there are about 700 couples got married at a mass wedding ceremony in the Cavite province in the Philippines.


It is pretty interesting how people celebrate Valentine’s Day around the world. So, do you know other Valentine’s Day celebrations? Also, what about you? How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Please share in the comment below! :)


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