Leap Year

Senin, 29 Februari 2016. Yap, tahun 2016 adalah tahun kabisat.


Kalau dalam bahasa Inggris, tahun kabisat juga ada istilahnya lho.
Tahun kabisat dalam bahasa Inggris disebut leap year and February 29th is called leap day.


And happy birthday to you, dear leapers and leaplings!
Siapa itu leapers/ leaplings? A leaper atau a leapling adalah seseorang yg berulang tahun di tanggal 29 Februari.


Because not every year has February 29th, some countries, e.g. New Zealand and England, have regulation related to legal status and documents (driving license, ID card, etc) for leapers regarding their birthday in non-leap years.  


According to an old superstition in Scotland, people that were born on leap day are considered unlucky. And in Greece, getting married on leap day is considered as bad luck. But, hey, it’s only superstition! :)


February seems to be the month of love. In some countries in Europe such as Ireland, women are allowed to propose marriage to men on leap day. If the man refuses the proposal, he has to give some money to the woman or buy her dress.


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